This is the place I use to store all my configuration files for programs such as Vim, Bash, Tmux, etc. These files are designed to be used on Linux and most likely won’t work on other machines. I recommend you not to just copy whole files, but instead copy one line at a time that you understand and slowly build up a huge file. This way you have a setup that fits you best.


First you have to download the files by using:

git clone git:// ~/dotfiles

After the files have been downloaded you need to link the files to where the system looks for them:

ln -s ~/dotfiles/vim ~/.vim
ln -s ~/dotfiles/vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/bashrc ~/.bashrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf
ln -s ~/dotfiles/gitconfig ~/.gitconfig
ln -s ~/dotfiles/bin ~/bin
ln -s ~/dotfiles/themes ~/.themes/
ln -s ~/dotfiles/config/clipit/ ~/.config/
ln -s ~/dotfiles/config/htop/ ~/.config/
ln -s ~/dotfiles/config/openbox/ ~/.config/
ln -s ~/dotfiles/config/terminator/ ~/.config/

Now we need to install the plug-ins which are found in vimrc.bundles. To do this I use Vundle, so enter this into the command line:

git clone ~/dotfiles/vim/bundle/Vundle.vim

After the repository has been cloned open the vimrc.bundles file. When inside enter this into Vim:


After it has finished installing you can exit the Vundle window and the plug-ins should be installed.